World Class Golf

It’s no wonder Quivira is dubbed the “Pebble Beach of Mexico,” by Golf Vacation Insider.

Quivira Golf Club quickly established itself as one of the best courses in the world with a world-class Jack Nicklaus Signature design course featuring the best beachfront location of any other golf course in Los Cabos. Dazzling views and breathtaking drops from the tee to the fairway are noted hallmarks of the course that drives through massive windswept dunes, climbs sheer granite cliffs — some 200 feet above the ocean — and dives along desert foothills to softly land on white-sand beaches. Every tee a spectacular experience; every hole a breathtaking view of the ocean.


Three distinctive dining experiences including a Signature Restaurant, All-Day Restaurant, Beach Club & Grill.

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The St. Regis Spa features all the elements one requires for ultimate indulgence, including cinematic views. The spa offers 10 massage rooms and steam room, as well as a Fitness & Wellness Center with the latest technology in equipment.

Beach Club

A destination within a destination, The Beach Club welcomes as a gilded nest that is brimming with comforts and privileges including flawless service, all-day cuisine, and classic cocktails served with a local twist.


St. Regis offers 7 resort pools including 5 family pools, 1 kid’s pool and 1 adult-only pool, all of which take advantage of the resort’s prestigious location on one of Los Cabos’ most private beaches. Indulgent eButler Services will help you enjoy all-day lounging whether you are beside the pool or on the beach.